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Welcome to the Crypto Faucet

Welcome to the Crypto Faucet

Welcome to the Crypto Faucet

TheCryptoFaucet Support
We operate a free faucet giving out a lot of cryptocurrency instantly with the lowest withdrawal minimum/fees.

This site is built to let people test cryptocurrency and not for profit. Because of this we cannot offer extensive support.

Please read this before contacting us for support.

Is TheCryptoFaucet Free?

Where does the Cryptocurrency come from?
It comes from mining, staking, buying off exchanges, Brave, and received from advertisers for any links placed on the site.

I made a withdraw and it did not show up?
Check your Balance page to see the status of your withdraw. If it has a Transaction ID, the coins were sent and transaction is viewable on the blockchain.

If you DO see a Transaction ID but have not received the coins:
-Your Wallet/Exchange may require x-x,xxx confirmations before crediting your account.
-Your Wallet/Exchange may be running behind on their version of the blockchain.
-Your Wallet/Exchange may have a minimum to deposit before seeing a balance.
-Your Exchange may have it Pending, check the Pending Deposit page of your Exchange.

If you DO NOT see a TransactionID, please contact us so we can look into it.

Still need help? Contact us on Discord!